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And then the cherub smiled, and I found myself smiling back..

I touched the feather on my shoulder--soft, warm and just.. perfect.

6 April
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I'm a BS Nursing student and am really into yaoi. (Yeah and those two match like a son of a b***..) Crazy, hyper, fun, hip.. whatever you wanna call it.

And these infos might help. =3

Like people care about these things, but it's not gonna hurt anyone so bear with me as I scream my senseless litanies. I’m in to YAOI and Shounen-Ai, if you don’t know these stuffs then it surely isn’t my lost. I made this to keep myself updated on the progress of my life. You know, looking back and smiling at every details, screaming like a pig on all the embarrassing moments. Yes, it’s fun. And I think writing is a good way to relieve stress. I'm pretty choosy with everything, but most of the time my spontaneity wins over it. I love to enjoy as much as explore. I love learning about new things, but school is an exception. Things of exotic value and unusual appeal are what makes my head spin with amazement. Talking to people is fun as long as stupidity isn't in every line. Oh, and I’d be very elated if my co-fangirls would visit. I’m open to all sensible people. Yep, this is a hate-free zone so haters, leave before I can grab hold of that rifle. If I am to choose a word to suit my mood right now it would actually be... "PARTY"